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What you should know:

In this section we will discuss the benefits of html5 and css3.

What is html?

Lets not get too bogged down in tech speak here, basically html is the code behind the scenes that allows your webpage to display, its a listing, an order of items, it tells the server hosting your content how to behave in certain situations.

Benefits of html5

With the advent of mobile phones and tablets, video as you probably already know was an issue, designers used flash content and animations upon their sites, however when mobile technology arrived flash for some reason wasnt supported, users were unable to watch youtube videos upon their phone for example.

All this changes in html5, html5 allows us to use mp4 video and on top of this curved borders.

And last but not least, let's not forget the most important of all (SEO) search engine optimisation.

What is css?

Css stands for cascading style sheet and allows us to style html, over the years css has become more powerful, whereas designers used to be forced to use tables to style anything, now we can do it via css. You can read more about css here.

Benefits of css3

Css3 allows a designer to use media queries, media queries allow us to target a specific resolution, meaning that the content you see upon your home pc will look the same upon your mobile and tablet.

What will this mean?

The web is about to become more interactive, you will likely see more video content displayed in web pages over the next couple of years, especially as broadband speeds continue to increase.

Your business must be able to:

  • stand out from the crowd
  • be unique and up-to-date

allowing you to continue to compete with your competitors.