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When you have decided to get yourself a website, hosting is a primary concern, you have two options.

  • Subscription based hosting
  • Free hosting

Subscription based hosting:

What can we say, it does what it says on the tin.

Your content is hosted per month for a small fee. You can find out more about subscription based hosting here at this comparison site.

Free hosting:

Probably the best route when first getting your content online is the free route.

Here at Design Me we think that this is the best deal for our customers, in most cases hosting is entirely free, however some hosting providers force you to display advertisments upon your site, this can ruin the look of your site and besides perhaps you would want to find your own advertisments and make revenue for showing it upon your site.

We tend to favor x10hosting as we use them all of the time, they also don't require us to post ads, in our experience there have been no problems thus far, we would highly recommend this host however you are also free to choose your own.

To the newcomer, the plethora of options out there can be somewhat daunting, don't worry we can get you set up.

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How much will it cost?:

Now there is an important question!

The answer?

It all depends upon the following criteria:

  • What you want
  • When you want it
  • Ease of implementation

Basic websites take around a month to build, obviously if you have a deadline, we can accomodate but prices will rise a little.

For a basic 'no frills' website you can expect to pay between £50-£75.

Custom work or designs that require a little more thought will range between £100-£200.

Our prices are not set in stone, here at Design Me everything is negotiable, so get in touch today and grab yourself a bargain!

Like we said, it all depends upon what you want and when you want it.

What happens if I want to change content?:

We can make any changes to the content, by this we mean images and text as layout changes will fall back into the design category.

We provide free updates for one month, thereafter we would charge a small fee to provide this service.

If you have content that would continually change we can provide a subscription based charge priced at £2/pm.

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